UWSC Rules for Players
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Walking Soccer is usually played 7 v 7 but may be adjusted to the number of players.

A goalkeeper may be used.  Goalkeeper can move anywhere on field but may only handle ball in their penalty area.  Goalkeepers must wear jerseys that are different in color from field players on both teams.

Two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.  Size 4 Futsal ball is used.

Fouls and Misconduct

All free kicks are indirect free kicks started with a pass backwards.

Running is not allowed.  Walking is heel to toe and one foot must remain on the ground at all times.

There are no offsides.

The ball may not exceed a height of 6’6”.

Heading is not allowed.

Tackling from behind, stepping across or backing into an opponent and slide tackling are not allowed.

Pushing and holding are not allowed.

Playing in a dangerous or reckless manner is not allowed.

Abusive and unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed, including disrespect for the referee.

Players can substitute on the fly or at the permission of the referee.

Kick-ins are used instead of throw-ins.  A goal may not be scored from a kick-in.

A goal can only be scored within the scoring team’s attacking half of the field. Goals will not be allowed if the ball is struck from the defending half of the field unless it is an “Own Goal” scored by the defending team into their own goal.

There are corner kicks and goals may be scored from a corner kick.  Opponents must be 8 yards from kicker and ball is not in play until it is kicked or touched.

Opponents must remain outside the penalty area during a goal kick and may not play the ball until it clears the area.

There are no penalty kicks as all fouls and misconduct result in an indirect free kick.  When a foul occurs in the penalty area, the kick is taken from a spot on the penalty area line closest to where the foul occurred.

If a player falls during a match, play will stop.  If player fell on own, opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick.  If player fell due to a foul, the fallen player’s team is awarded an indirect free kick.

No Contact vs Contact Matches:  If playing a no contact game, shoulder charging and other upper body contact is not allowed.  If playing a contact game, shoulder charging and upper body contact is allowed if done in a safe manner.  The player initiating the Sin Bin option:  If a player commits multiple running offenses, excessive contact infractions or a combination of both the following consequences may be applied:

1st violation          Verbal warning                                  Indirect free kick
2nd violation         Caution – Yellow Card                      Indirect free kick
3rd violation         2 minute time out – Blue Card        Indirect free kick
4th violation         Ejection – Red Card                           Indirect free kick

*If a player commits a deliberate foul to deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity, a red card may be issued immediately and the guilty player will be ejected.

Rev. 06.08.21