Who We Are

We are an adult soccer club that plays Walking Soccer.

PRESIDENT: Sue Boettcher
VP: Karen D’Ewart
WEB: Julie Thomer
ADVISORS:  Amanda Root, Chris Hass


GRASS LAWN: Janet Charnley
ASSISTANT COACHES: Dawn Blomberg, Amanda Root, Pat Walker

STARFIRE: Karen Newell
ASSISTANT COACHES: Gail Flesch, Jimmy Dunn

LAKEVIEW: Sue Boettcher
ASSISTANT COACHES: Chris Hass, Pat Walker 

STEEL LAKE: Roberta Reardon
ASSISTANT COACH: Susan Sommerman

Fun, Fitness and Friendships for a Lifetime…Ultimate Walk Soccer.

We are an Adult soccer club dedicated to providing soccer opportunities for the purpose of continuing to play the beautiful game. By Walking, not running, the game of soccer becomes a safer sport. It is easier on joints, muscles, body, and even the head, as we take heading the ball out of the game. We play at a fast pace, with quick touches in a small sided game of 5 v 5 up to 9 v 9. It is a fun game that encourages fitness, 10 K – 12 K steps in an hour game. We have seen players return to the game after many years of retiring from the sport. Anyone with ankle, hip or knee problems, find that they can play this game and return to fitness. We see younger players re-engage and get back to playing. Plus this can be a great form of training for any player. Friendships are re-established, which may have been missing in the lives of players. It’s like having a party each time you play, with the people who love the sport. Let’s get Walking and Kicking!